4/18 The Drive Towards Justice continues: Getting legislative support for Driver's Licenses through grassroots action

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An atmosphere of positive energy and a sense of organized chaos coated Room 10 of the State House on Wednesday, April 18th as more than 60 migrant workers, farmers, and community allies gathered to celebrate passing S-238, the study committee on drivers licenses, as a significant step towards building a movement for drivers licenses for all Vermont residents next year.

We kicked off the morning with a teach-in and constant revolving door of legislator visits who had been flooded with notes from constituents invited to come join us.

VT Poised to Create New Program For Residents to Access ID and Drivers Licences Regardless of Immigration Status

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Vermont Poised to Create Program for Residents to Access ID and Drivers Licenses Regardless of Immigration Status

VT Senate Votes for Freedom of Movement for ALL Creating Committee to Introduce ID and Drivers License Legislation