Hannaford Campaign Action Toolkit

The Milk with Dignity campaign builds a movement of farmworkers and allies calling on dairy companies to ensure respect for human rights in their supply chains by joining the worker-driven Milk with Dignity Program

Check out this MIlk with Dignity Action Toolkit to learn more about this ground-breaking program and campaign to expand human rights protections to the supply chain of northeast supermarket chain Hannaford. 

Workers on farms that produce Hannaford-brand milk:

  • Make less than minimum wage
  • Work 7 days a week without adequate rest
  • Have high rates of preventable injuries
  • Live in substandard – even dangerous – housing

Click here to read more and take action to support farmworkers' struggle for rights and dignity!

Milk with Dignity Social Media Action!

Check the Hannaford facebook page (@Hannaford) and open up the comment section in a recent post to write in your own comment about Milk with Dignity.

  • You can write messages like:
    • Hannaford: Respond to Farmworkers, Join #MilkWithDignity!
    • Hannaford: It’s time to join #MilkWithDignity!
    • Hannaford: No more charity, we want #MilkWithDignity!
  • You’ll see comments with photos from farmworkers calling for Milk with Dignity and beautiful messages of solidarity from supporters urging Hannaford to join the program. 
  • This is a really quick action that you can easily do multiple times or even every day!