Intern at Migrant Justice

At Migrant Justice we build the voice, capacity, and power of the farmworker community and engage community partners to organize for economic justice and human rights. As an intern you will too!!

Internships provide us with greater program capacity by helping us reach our members’ community, develop or expand new projects, and reach a larger donor base.

Interns will work closely with staff on an array of projects depending on our needs and your strengths and interest. Our interns perform a variety of day to day work such as helping with outreach on the phone, data entry and other administrative support.  In addition our interns focus on at least one bigger project that they develop in partnership with staff.  Some of the work includes improving internal informational systems to finding and analyzing reliable data sources, many interns are deeply involved in research and data analysis. Opportunities will also be available for policy, and system analysis with projects such blog posts, creation of maps and applications to support ongoing research efforts.

Projects focused on Communications and Media, such as social media marketing, blogging, brochure and flyer design, press release drafting, and website updates. Interns will be taught to perform these functions and become familiar with our overall communications plan. After this training interns will then have responsibility for various aspects of our communications program.



Get involved with the farmworker community! We are starting a training program for farmworkers! Interns fluent in Spanish may be part of this project. Coordinating, attending, workshops with our members to strengthen skills and develop leadership.






If you are interested to become an intern and be part of Migrant Justice Family, send us your info at and fill out this form