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Read below for a sampling of press coverage of Migrant Justice over the years:

June 5, 2024, “Migrant Justice partnership releases updated housing and employment rights handbook for dairy workers,” Vermont Public

May 31, 2024, “Gov. Scott signs bill aimed to provide equity in grants and tuition regardless of residency status,” Bennington Banner

May 30, 2024, “Vt. bill would allow student financial aid regardless of immigration status,” WCAX CBS Channel 3

May 30, 2024, “Immigrants and lawmakers urging Gov. Scott to sign new education equity bill,” NBC Channel 5

May 25, 2024, “Farm workers rally at Hannaford headquarters,” News Center Maine

May 25, 2024, “Farmworkers protest Hannaford’s stance on ‘Milk with Dignity’ movement,” Portland Press Herald

May 24, 2024, “Migrant dairy farm workers ask Hannaford for more support,” WGME

May 17, 2024, “H5N1 doesn’t have to be a repeat of Covid-19’s ‘public health versus the economy,’” STAT News

May 4, 2024, “Walder: Updated policing policy continues to put immigrant communities at risk,” Rutland Herald

May 2, 2024, “Dairy workers call for Hannaford to join ‘Milk With Dignity,’” MyCamplainValley ABC/Fox 

May 1, 2024, “Vermont unions and advocacy groups celebrate International Workers' Day,” NBC Channel 5

April 30, 2024, “Vermont Farmworkers Go to Amsterdam to Fight for “Milk With Dignity”,” Truthout

April 12, 2024, “Vermont immigrant farmworker advocates go abroad as they continue fight for better protections,” Vermont Public

April 11, 2024 “A farm worker who fled violence in Guatemala to build a life in Vermont may lose it all,” Burlington Free Press

March 28, 2024, “Bi-National People's Tribunal on the Struggles of Farmworkers in North America,” Yahoo! Finance

March 27, 2024, “Mills’ farmworker minimum wage bill seen as progress but still creates ‘second-class’ workers,” Maine Beacon

March 22, 2024, “When Corporate Sustainability Goals Are Good for Business,” Modern Farmer

March 20, 2024, “Florida to Ban Farmworker Heat Protections. A Groundbreaking Partnership Offers a Solution,” Civil Eats

March 14, 2024, “10 years after 'Hide,' migrant farmworkers in Vt. are still seeking rights,” Vermont Public

March 13, 2024, “Protect immigrants from unfair policing,” The Commons

March 8, 2024, “Farmworker Festival Dials Up Pressure on Wendy’s Billionaire Chairman,” Truthout

February 29, 2024, “Officer who disparaged migrant worker quits Shelburne board,” Shelburne News

February 27, 2024, “Immigrant Dairy Workers Often Endure Substandard Housing Conditions. The Law Doesn’t Protect Them,” ProPublica

February 19, 2024, “Criminal Justice Council to decide on fair and impartial policing policy,” WCAX CBS Channel 3

February 19, 2024, “No Más Polimigra members: Protect immigrants from unfair policing,” VTDigger

February 16, 2024, “Migrant Justice launches a new and expanded survey of dairy farm workers in Vermont,” VTDigger

February 12, 2024, “Frustration mounts over delayed vote on Vermont’s fair and impartial policing policy,” VTDigger

February 8, 2024, “Vermont Criminal Justice Council member resigns following hot mic comment,” WAMC Northeast Public Radio

February 8, 2024, “Mike Major resigns from Vermont Criminal Justice Council after 'appalling incident',” Vermont Business Magazine

February 8, 2024, “Police officer resigns after 'offensive' comment during migrant worker's testimony,” NBC Channel 5

February 7, 2024, “A Remark Caught on Hot Mic Leads Deputy to Resign From Criminal Justice Group,” Seven Days

February 7, 2024, “Criminal Justice Council chair says there’s no place for racially insensitive cops in Vt.,” WCAX CBS Channel 3

February 7, 2024, “Officer resigns after hot mic moment disparaging migrant worker in criminal justice council meeting,” VTDigger

January 24, 2024, “Mellon Foundation Grant Will Support Migrant Justice Issues in Vermont,” Middlebury News Announcements

December 15, 2023, “Law enforcement raises migrant rights work concerns,” The Barre Montpelier Times Argus

December 14, 2023, “Up for a vote, limits on police-immigration intel surface law enforcement concerns,” Vermont Business Magazine

December 4, 2023, “Countering Hegemonic Human Rights Norms through Migrant Labour Organising: The Case of Migrant Justice,” Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography

December 4, 2023, “Eco WURD Interview with Abel Luna,” Philadelphia Public Radio 

November 21, 2023, “Is Affordable Housing a New Worker’s Right?,” Capital & Main

November 13, 2023, “OSHA Investigates Small Dairy Farms So Rarely That Many Worker Advocates Don’t Bother to Report Deaths and Injuries,” ProPublica 

October 14, 2023, “A Worker-Driven Model for Protecting Labor Rights Is Successful- and Expanding,” Truthout

October 5, 2023, “More than 1,000 migrant workers critical to VT dairy”, The Charlotte News

September 29, 2023, Vermont Farmworkers Turn Up the Pressure on Hannaford, The Rake Vermont

September 22, 2023, “Backyard to table: The Huertas Project and cultivating food sovereignty”, The Vermont Cynic 

September 15, 2023, “David Van Deusen: Two terms as AFL-CIO president come to an end”, Bennington Banner 

September 11, 2023, “Windham Sheriff to discuss immigration enforcement policy”, Brattleboro Reformer 

September 11, 2023, “This Farmworker Collective is Organizing For ‘Milk With Dignity’ and More”, Modern Farmer

August 17, 2023, “Vermont immigrant dairy farmworkers face unique safety risks. Research shows this hotline helps” Vermont Public 

August 17, 2023, Los trabajadores agrícolas inmigrantes de Vermont enfrentan riesgos de seguridad únicos. Una investigación demuestra que esta línea telefónica ayuda.” Vermont Public

August 5, 2023, “Inside Maine’s ‘Milk With Dignity’ Movement” Bangor Daily News

August 4, 2023, “Milk With Dignity: the movement urging food suppliers to seek better work conditions on dairy farms” Maine Public

August 4, 2023, “This Day in Maine: a look at the Milk With Dignity movement” Maine Public

July 31, 2023, “'Led by us, the farmworkers': How Migrant Justice soccer tournament builds community” Burlington Free Press

July 31, 2023, “Annual Migrant Justice soccer tournament brings together Vermont's Latino community” Burlington Free Press

July 10, 2023, “Maine nears making farmworkers eligible for minimum wage” Maine Beacon

June 30, 2023, “Letter to the editor: Dairy workers need help, not news releases” Portland Press Herald 

June 27, 2023, “ Hannaford pushes back on activist calls to reform milk supply chain” Grocery Dive

June 27, 2023, “Hannaford Criticizes Vermont's Milk With Dignity Campaign” Progressive Grocer 

June 26, 2023, “ Hannaford Responds to Migrant Justice Campaign” Speciality Food Association

June 26, 2023, “Maine dispatch: advocates for migrant workers on dairy farms rally for rights” Jurist

June 26, 2023, “News & Commentary” On Labor 

June 26, 2023, “Milk With Dignity campaigns continue at Hannaford” Portland Press Herald 

June 25, 2023, “Protesters gather in Portland in support of dairy workers” WGME CBS 13

June 25, 2023, Milk With Dignity' protest held in Portland SaturdayWCSH 6 NBC (News Center Maine) Portland

June 23, 2023, “Dairy farm workers rallying Saturday to demand Hannaford’s supermarket chain adopt new code of conduct 101.9 WPOR

June 22, 2023, “Activists to rally in Portland on Saturday for dairy workers’ rights” Bangor Daily News 

May 31, 2023, “Migrant Workers Hold Up Vermont’s Dairy Industry — and Are Fighting for Better Working Conditions” Seven Days 

May 30, 2023, “Farm Aid's mental health hotline for ag workers is now available in Spanish” Vermont Public Radio

May 24, 2023, “Can a new program improve housing for VT migrant farmer workers? Sprague Ranch hopes so” Burlington Free Press

May 23, 2023, “Larissa Scaffidi: Why you should care about the Milk with Dignity campaign” VT Digger 

May 16, 2023, “Kate Sinz: Vermont migrant dairy farm workers face environmental threats” VT Digger

May 4, 2023, “Migrant Justice’s Milk With Dignity campaign rallies on” Addison County Independent 

May 4, 2023, “The urgent need for Migrant Justice: The systemic oppression of migrant workers in Addison County and a fight for visibility” The Middlebury Campus 

April, 26, 2023, “Episode 3: The Cows Don’t Milk Themselves!” Into the Mix, Vox Creative

May 3rd, 2023: "Juntos, Migrant Justice rally in solidarity with migrant workers." The Middlebury Campus

April 27th, 2023. "Milk With Dignity Event Held In Brighton." Newport Daily Express

April 25th, 2023. "Milk with Dignity is about fundamental human rights," Brattleboro Reformer

April 24th, 2023. "Pressure mounts on Hannaford to commit to dairy worker protections and rights," Maine Beacon

April 19th, 2023: "Farm­work­ers seek­ing dig­nity and fair hous­ing visit New­port," The Barton Chronicle

April 18th, 2023: “Kielich: Farmworkers’ Rights,” Rutland Herald

April 17th, 2023: "Miranda Degreenia: Vermont’s dairy industry needs to adopt Milk with Dignity;" VT Digger

March 29th, 2023. "Vermont Dairy Workers Battle Corporate Greed and Demand “Milk With Dignity”; Truthout

March 24, 2023. "Ben & Jerry's: 'No evidence' of child labor in Vermont supply chain," Burlington Free Press

March 17th, 2023. "Vt. lawmakers consider allowing agricultural, domestic workers to collectively bargain," Vermont Public 

March 3rd, 2023: "Balint demands answers from Ben & Jerry's regarding reports of child labor," Burlington Free Press

March 3rd, 2023: "Ben & Jerry's condemns child labor in Vermont's dairy industry after New York Times investigation," Vermont Public

February 19th, 2023. “​​Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S.” New York Times

February 14th, 2023. “Farmworker group says Hannaford's ethics help line hasn't fixed living conditions.” Vermont Public

January 13th, 2023, “¡Luchamos por alimentos justos! Los trabajadores contra la mayor empacadora de carne de EUA,” Gatopardo

January 9th, 2023, “Campaign to grant migrant farmworkers labor rights will get another shot this session,” Maine Beacon

January 5th, 2023, “Milk with Dignity Continues Fight for Farmworker Rights,” Maine AFL-CIO

December 23rd, 2022, “Working in their sleep,” New York Review of Books

December 19th, 2022, “How to Create a Worker Safety Hotline That Really Works,” Harvard Business Review

December 13th, 2022, “Letter: Do your part to keep our farmworkers healthy,” Yakima Herald-Republic

November 26th, 2022, “Immigrants, DHS settle case seeking activist targeting info,” MyCamplainValley ABC/Fox

November 22nd, 2022, Burlington coffee shop using World Cup watch parties to raise funds for migrant workers,” MyNBC

November 22nd, 2022 “Immigrants, DHS settle case seeking activist targeting info” WCAX

November 22nd, 2022 “DHS settles with Vermont-based immigrant advocacy group over claims of political targeting” Fox News 

November 18, 2022 “Absent Federal Oversight of Animal Agriculture Safety, State and Others Step Up for Change” Civil Eats 

November 14, 2022 “Animal agriculture is dangerous work. The people who do it have few protections” Civil Eats

November 7th, 2022 “Grace Oedel: Care, justice for farmworkers are critical for agricultural economy” VT Digger 

November 2nd, 2022 “Vermont dairy farmers are calling on Hannaford Supermarkets to join the Milk with Dignity program” Prism Reports  

October 31st, 2022 “V.t.’s housing health & safety system didn’t protect farmworkers, so created their own program” Vermont Public

October 12th, 2022, “The Overlooked Advantages of the Independent Monitoring and Complaint Investigation System in the Worker-driven Social Responsibility Model in US Agriculture,” Business and Human RIghts Journal

October 3rd, 2022 “Weekly farmworker pickets of Hannaford begin today in South Burlington” Vermont Biz

September 23rd, 2022 “Celebrate our migrant neighbors at a new festival in New Haven” Addison County Independent 

September 16th, 2022 “Vermont Organization continues the fight for migrant workers’ rights” mynbc5

September 15th, 2022 “Pride Center of Vermont declines Hannaford’s sponsorship in an act of solidarity” mynbc5

September 13th, 2022 “Pride Parade declines Hannaford sponsorship over farmworker issue” VermontBiz

September 13th, 2022 “Hannaford dropped from Vermont Pride after declining to meet with dairy workers” VTDigger

September 9th, 2022 “Milk with Dignity Program Celebrates 5th Year Sept. 24th in Greensboro” Caledonian Record 

September 2nd, 2022 “It’s past time to celebrate migrant-led labor organizing” Prism Reports

August 30th. 2022 “42 legislators are asking ICE not to deport Vermont farmworkers. Will Phil Scott join them?” VTDigger

August 17th, 2022 “How an annual soccer tournament brings together Vermont's farmworker community” Connecticut Public

Jul7 31, 2022 “Protesters demand better conditions for dairy farm workers outside Hannaford's corporate offices,” News Center Maine

July 29th, 2022 “Milk with Dignity campaign for migrant farm workers targets Hannaford” WMTW8 ABC

July 29th, 2022 “Dairy workers continue pressuring Hannaford to adopt stronger labor protections in supply chain” Maine Public  

July, 11th, 2022 “10 of Vermont's immigrant farmworkers petition ICE to stop their deportations” Burlington Free Press

July 7th, 2022 “Migrant Justice petitions ICE to stop the deportation of ten Vermont farmworkers” Burlington Free Press

June 21st, 2022 “Vermont farmworkers petition ICE to stop their deportations” VermontBiz

June 21st, 2022 “Migrant workers ask ICE to close their cases” NBC5 WPTZ

June 21st, 2022 “Supporters of migrant farmworkers rally against Vt. deportations” WCAX CBS News

June 21st, 2022 “Vermont farmworkers petition ICE to drop deportation cases, citing Biden administration guidance” VTDigger

June 14, 2022. “Mary Dingee Fillmore: End injustice on dairy farms. Hannaford, join Milk with Dignity,” VTDigger

May 6, 2022. “Lawmakers, governor weigh first ever environmental justice policy for Vermont” VPR

May 1, 2022. “Dairy workers call for Hannaford to join 'Milk with Dignity'” Bennington Banner

May 1, 2022. “At May Day rally in South Burlington, hundreds urge Hannaford to support dairy workers” VTDigger 

April 29, 2022. “Why Migrant Justice will campaign outside Hannaford stores on May 1,” VPR

April 28, 2022 “Let’s show up in solidarity with farmworkers: May 1 action with migrant justice” The Middlebury Campus

April 24, 2022. “Letter to the editor: Hannaford should support farmworkers, join Milk With Dignity program” Portland Press Herald

April 22, 2022. “Letter: Hannaford should join Milk With Dignity effort” Bangor Daily News

April 18, 2022. “Ashley Smith: Hannaford, join Milk with Dignity now,” VTDigger

March 21, 2022. “Shannon Lucy: Compassion for Ukrainians should extend to migrants already here” VTDigger

April 7, 2022. Andres Oyaga: Middlebury College ‘sustainability’ initiatives put blood in our energy. VTDigger

March 29, 2022. Sheriff Anderson, it’s past time to make Windham County safe for immigrantsBrattleboro Reformer.

March 22, 2022. Shannon Lucy: Compassion for Ukrainians should extend to migrants already here. VTDigger

March 7, 2022. Ben & Jerry's - From Cows to Cocoa: Our Linked Prosperity Business Model Works to Ensure Our Ingredient Producers Get Their Fair Share. MarketScreener

February 24, 2022. Sunrise Colby protests Hannaford’s unethical milk. The Colby Echo

February 23, 2022. Poll shows Vermonters willing to pay more for dairy, but getting that money to farmers is complicated. Vermont Public Radio.

February 17, 2022. Bill would prevent immigration arrests in and around courthouses. VTDigger 

February 16, 2022. Dairy workers bring fight for stronger labor protections to Hannaford's corporate headquarters. Maine Public Radio.

February 15, 2022. Dairy workers rally for more rights after Mills vetoes farmworker unionization bill. Maine Beacon.

February 2, 2022.  Three-town referendum asks sheriff to not work with federal immigration. Brattleboro Reformer

January 1, 2022. For Chobani’s Fair Trade Certification to Live Up to Its Promises, We’ll Need Organized Labor. Jacobin

January 14, 2022. Making Movements and Powerful Memories with Migrant Justice. The University of Rhode Island. College of Arts & Sciences blog.

January 6, 2022 Ben & Jerry's: How We're Working Toward a More Equitable Future For All; We use our business to fight for equity for all people MarketScreener 

December 16, 2021 Latina (Un)Equal Pay podcast conversation released by Vermont Commission on Women VT Digger 

December 15, 2021. Migrant Justice seeks to rein in Vermont law enforcement collaboration with federal immigration authorities. VT Digger 

December 9, 2021 Reflections from the Milk with Dignity action in Portland, ME (11/8/21): “Milk with Dignity is coming to town” The Middlebury Campus 

November 10, 2021. Hundreds protest Hannaford calling on chain to improve dairy worker conditions.  Maine Beacon

November 9, 2021. Dairy workers pressure Hannaford to improve farmworker protections at Portland rally. Bangor Daily News

November 9, 2021. At Portland rally, dairy workers pressure Hannaford to improve farmworker protections. Maine Public Radio

November 8, 2021. Farmworkers call on Hannaford Supermarkets to join the 'Milk with Dignity' program. NBC News Center Maine

November 4, 2021. Allegations of wage theft and labor misconduct persist at college-partnered dairy farm. The Middlebury Campus

October 21, 2021. Migrant workers vital to Vermont dairy industry need more social and medical support. UVM Rubenstein School

October 15, 2021. Migrant farmworkers fight to end collaboration between Vermont police and Border Patrol. The World

October 14, 2021. Migrant Justice presents Milk with Dignity tour. Brattleboro Reformer

October 8, 2021. Migrant farmworkers fight to end collaboration between Vermont police and Border Patrol. Vermont Public Radio (VPR)

October 8, 2021. Activists pressure Hannaford to improve conditions for dairy workers. Bangor Daily News

October 2, 2021. ‘Milk with Dignity’ campaign turns four. WCAX

September 28, 2021. Protestors rally for Haitain migrants outside Sen. Patrick Leahy’s office. Burlington Free Press

September 13, 2021. 'The Most Costly Journey' illustrates the trials, triumphs of Vermont's migrant farmworkers Bennington Banner

September 11, 2021: Rural Vermont: Stick up for all farmers, Rutland Herald

August 30, 2021: Immigration Activists Targeted for Deportation and Harassment, Reason

August 11, 2021: Brattleboro sets stronger fair/impartial policing policy, The Commons

August 6, 2021: Brattleboro adopts Migrant Justice's fair and impartial policing policy, Bennington Banner

August 5, 2021: Targeted But Not Silenced: A Report on Government Surveillance and Retaliation Against Immigrant Organizers in the United States, UW School of Law

August 4, 2021: Immigrant Activists Say ICE Is Purposely Targeting Them. They're Urging Biden To Help, NPR

August ? 2021: Errol Schweizer: Navigating the exploitive food system towards worker justice (ep319), Green Dreamer

July 30, 2021: Belabored: Why “Corporate Social Responsibility” Fails Workers, Dissent Magazine

July 26, 2021: Recognize the labor of farmworkers, too, VT Digger (Letter to the Editor)

July 25, 2021: Farm workforce act: A path to citizenship for undocumented farmworkers, or indentured servitude?, VT Digger

July 21, 2021: This New Law Would Be Good for Growers, Bad for Farmworkers, The Nation

July 21, 2021: The Northeast’s largest renewable natural gas digester begins operations in Salisbury, VT Digger

July 12,2021: Dairy workers demand Hannaford improve working conditions on Maine farms, Maine Beacon

June 25, 2021: Investors urge Hannaford Supermarkets to join Migrant Justice's Milk with Dignity campaign, VT Digger 

June 22, 2021: Shareholders to Hannafords: Join the Milk with Dignity program, Saint Albans Messenger

June 22, 2021: Got Justice? Milk, farm workers, and Hannaford, Pine & Roses

June 16, 2021 Why Dairy Farmworkers Are Moving Beyond Fair Trade, Forbes

May 20, 2021: Pesticide laws fail to protect the most vulnerable people in agriculture: children, The Counter

May 10, 2021: Marita Canedo of Migrant Justice on Milk With Dignity and Supporting Dairy Farmworker, Forbes Magazine Online

May 7, 2021: In Vermont, a new model emerges to improve migrant farmworker housing, Energy News Network

May 4, 2021: Vermont Law School Report Exposes Dire Lack of Legal Protections for Farmworkers Threatened by Heat Exposure and Pesticide Poisoning, PR Underground

May 4, 2021: Vt lawmakers look at expanding health care to undocumented kids, pregnant women, WCAX3

April 29, 2021: Undocumented women farmworkers toil under unique challenges, WCAX3

April 27, 2021: Worker solidarity rally on Mayday in Montpelier and Barre, Vermont Business Magazine

April 23, 2021: An Invisible Essential Labor Force: Migrant Women Farmworkers, CounterPunch

April 21, 2021: Federal Relief Could Fund Farmworker Housing Improvements, Advocates Say, Seven Days VT

April 21, 2021: Report shows migrant farmworkers live in insufficient housing, VTDigger

April 21, 2021: As Biden tweaks language around immigration, Upper Valley experts call for more substantive reform, Valley News

April 19, 2021: How the Powerless Win Power, The American Prospect

March 30, 2021: Portsmouth chef helps raise money for migrant workers, New Hampshire Union Leader

March 29, 2021: David Vargas, Vida Cantina to honor Cesar Chavez Day by helping migrant workers, Seacoastonline

March 25, 2021: Community group pushes police for stronger immigrant-protection policies, Community News Service

March 18, 2021: Episode 35: Marita Canedo of Migrant Justice on “Milk With Dignity”, The Checkout Radio Podcast

March 18, 2021, Migrant Justice calls upon Hannaford to join Milk with Dignity program, The Middlebury Campus 

March 9, 2021, End Vermont's Collaboration with the Border Regime, VT Digger 

March 7, 2021, 2 Billion Settlement Likely Excludes Migrant Workers Exposed to Roundup, VT Digger

March 3, 2021: Prioritizing migrant farm workers for COVID-19 vaccination,

February 25, 2021: The US Immigration System Treats Workers as Disposable, Jacobin Magazine

February 20, 2021, Vermont Immigrants Receive Support From Economic Stimulus Equity Fund, VTDigger 

February 7, 2021: Bill would prohibit school districts from hiring in-school police officers, VTDigger

February 6, 2021: Sierra Club awards local organizations for developing equitable transportation, WCAX3

February 4, 2021: Vermont Plans to Send Cash to Immigrant Farmworkers Left Out of Stimulus, Civil Eats

January 29, 2021: ‘I feel like my future is more secure’: Undocumented Immigrants Cautiously Hopeful for Path to Citizenship Under Biden, NBCUniversal 10 Boston

January 24, 2021: Richmond is among smaller Vermont towns taking new steps on police oversight, VTDigger

January 14, 2021: Covid relief for undocumentend immigrants begins rolling out, VTDigger

December 16, 2020: Why the Vermont Supreme Court is weighing in on two Richford residents’ drug charges, Saint Albans Messenger

December 15, 2020: Vermont Supreme Court weighs case that focuses on Border Patrol’s authority, VTDigger

December 9, 2020, Vermont rolling out COVID-19 stimulus for undocumented immigrants in 2021, Valley News

December 9, 2020: Covid aid for undocumented immigrants coming in 2021, VTDigger

December 6th, 2020: Denunciaron la persecución de ICE y ganaron una demanda contra la poderosa agencia federal, Univisión Aquí y Ahora

December 5, 2020: Hudson Mohawk Magazine Podcast, Interview with Will Lambek Dec 4, 2020, Independent Media Sanctuary

November 19, 2020: Worker-led programs like Milk with Dignity are key to protecting dairy farm workers, PRISM

November 13, 2020: A New Vision for Immigration, The Progressive

November 1, 2020: Across the U.S., Trump used ICE to Crack Down on Immigration Activists, The Intercept

October 30, 2020: Farm workers, including organizers, beat Trump twice in federal court in one day, People’s World

October 29, 2020: Activista mexicano en EE.UU.: “Aún sin documentos, tenemos muchos derechos,” CNN En Español

October 29, 2020: ICE agrees not to deport farmworker activists to settle retaliatory arrest claims, Reuters

October 29, 2020: ICE to Pay $100,000 Settlement for Targeting Migrant Justice Leaders in Vermont, Democracy Now!

October 29, 2020: ICE settles lawsuit filed by immigrant activists in Vermont, Bangor Daily News

October 28, 2020, Migrant Justice reaches $100,000 settlement with ICE over 2018 federal lawsuit, VT Digger

October 28, 2020: Trump Administration settles with Latino farm activists who said they were targeted over political work, The Washington Post

October 28, 2020: Migrant Justice Settles with ICE over Arrests, VPR

October 19, 2020: Tyler Jager: How Vermont can lead the country on immigration, VTDigger

October 15, 2020: Vermont becomes the first state to offer Covid-19 economic aid to undocumented immigrants, The Middlebury Campus

October 14, 2020: Activists demand Leahy, Sanders take action to block Supreme Court nominee, VTDigger

October 7, 2020: Weekly Update: Migrant Justice marks improving conditions for dairy workers in USA, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

October 7, 2020, 'Everything is better': Effort grows to improve working conditions on Vermont dairy farms, Burlington Free Press

October 6, 2020, Dairy workers release report on “Milk with Dignity” success, VT Digger

October 5, 2020, 25 delegations ask Hannaford to join Milk with Dignity to ensure human rights for dairy workers, VT Digger

September 30, 2020, Legislation provides $1,200 for migrant farmworkers and others left out of CARES Act payments, VT Digger

September 29, 2020, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (w/Migrant Justice) - ep70 - 9.30.20, No Politics at the Dinner Table

September 27, 2020, Amid COVID and Wildfires, Farmworkers Have Been Pushed to the Brink, Truthout

September 21, 2020, Targeted, Imprisoned, Deported, Dead: How ICE’s Detention Can Be Deadly to Migrants, In These Times

September 9, 2020, House forwards stimulus program for undocumented immigrants, Saint Albans Messenger

September 3, 2020, Protest of ICE data center in Williston, Vermont, Liberation News

September 2, 2020, Vermont Research News: Line dancing , bobcats, justice, phosphorus, Vermont Biz

September 2, 2020, Final Reading: House Appropriations ups Covid relief for undocumented to $5 mill, VT Digger

September 2, 2020, Gov. Scott proposes offering $1,200 in Covid aid to undocumented immigrants, Mountain Times

August 30, 2020, Vermonters protest ICE and Homeland Security, NBC5

August 28, 2020, Public weighs in on Vermont state budget proposal; VSEA argues against privatizing Woodside, VT Digger

August 27, 2020, Women's Legislative Caucus: Support relief payments to undocumented workers, families, VT Digger

August 26, 2020, "Milk Money: Will Stimulus Payments for Migrant Workers Happen?", VT Digger

August 25, 2020, "Gov. Scott proposes offering $1,200 in Covid aid to undocumented immigrants", VT Digger

August 19, 2020, "Why Is Vermonters' Response to the Census So Low?", Seven Days

August 17, 2020, "$200,000 to immigrant farmworkers in Vt.", The Sun Community News

August 14, 2020, "Migrant Justice distributes $200,000 in relief funds to immigrant farmworkers", Vermont Biz

August 13, 2020, "Why the ACLU is challenging the legality of 'border' checkpoints miles from a border", Saint Albans Messenger

August 6, 2020, "Vermonters call for police reforms in public forum", VT Digger

July 14, 2020, "Legal, financial and language challenges leave Vermont’s migrant workers especially vulnerable during Covid-19 crisis", The Middlebury Campus

July 12, 2020, "Ashley Smith et al: Building solidarity in the fight against the carceral state", VT Digger

July 7, 2020, "Farmworker Activist Dies of COVID-19 Following Deportation", Seven Days

July 2, 2020, "Hannaford urged to protect migrant worker rights as grocery sales grow, workers struggle", Burlington Free Press

June 23, 2020, "Moats: Migrant farm workers especially vulnerable to effects of pandemic", VT Digger

June 16, 2020, "Hundreds continue calls to cut Burlington police funding; use-of-force policy revised", VT Digger

June 10, 2020, "During the Pandemic, Vermont's Mutual Aid Groups Lend a Hand", Seven Days

June 7, 2020, “Slow Living Summit panels address food justice, climate change” Brattleboro Reformer 

June 3, 2020, “How Fostering Empathy for the People Who Feed Us Could Change Our Food System”, Civil Eats 

June 1, 2020, “VT Research News: Immigrant farmworker exploitation; food insecurity, and more” VT Digger 

May 28, 2020, “Essential but abandoned: Undocumented farmworkers in Vermont demand recognition”, Vermont Conversation

May 25, 2020, “‘They Should Include Us’: Vermont’s Immigrant Farmworkers Push For Coronavirus Aid”, VPR

May 22, 2020, “NOFA-VTs Pizza Oven ‘Feeds Those Who Feed Us’”, Seven Days

May 21, 2020, “Final Reading: Undocumented farm workers could see a stimulus check.” VT Digger

May 4, 2020, “A People’s Bailout: May Day in Burlington, VT”, Socialist Resurgence

May 4, 2020, "How Vermont is deciding to spend the largest federal grant it’s ever received", VT Digger

May 2, 2020, “Caravan draws attention to at-risk populations amid virus”, Eagle Times

May 1, 2020, “Photo Gallery: May Day rally brings attention to workers”, VT Digger

April 30, 2020, "May Day demonstrations to focus on support for ‘essential’ workers", VT Digger

April 28, 2020, "International Labor Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic", Boston Review

April 25, 2020, "Vermont Coronavirus Updates For Saturday, April 25", VPR

April 16, 2020, "Dan Baker: Dairy industry at particular risk from pandemic", VT Digger

April 14, 2020, "US food workers are in danger. That threatens all of us", The Guardian 

April 6, 2020, "Undocumented farmworkers essential, but excluded, in coronavirus response", VT Digger

March 19, 2020, "Farmers stay on the job in crisis — but it's not easy", Addison County Independent

March 17, 2020, "Bernie Has Shown the Way Forward With Latino Voters", Jacobin Magazine

March 17, 2020, "Social justice groups call for unity, issue demands at public event", VT Digger

March 12, 2020, "Midd missed the mark: Calling for a humane sustainability", The Middlebury Campus

March 10, 2020, "Burlington City Council votes to protect undocumented citizens", WCAX

March 3, 2020, "McGavisk & Smith: Burlington must ban collaboration between police and ICE", VT Digger

March 2, 2020, "Salisbury farm disputes account of migrant worker at center of alleged pay theft", My Champlain Valley

February 29, 2020, "Addison County farm workers protest alleged abuse, wage theft", My Champlain Valley

February 19, 2020, “Immigration rights protestors rally for policing policy changes in Burlington,” VT Digger

February 19, 2020, “Protestors push Burlington City Council to protect undocumented immigrants,” WCAX

January 23, 2020, “How Middlebury College can help Vermont workers,” The Middlebury Campus 

January 21, 2020, “Chittenden County Sheriff says deputy followed policy by calling Border Patrol,” Burlington Free Press

January 21, 2020, “Chittenden sheriff: Deputy followed policy in assisting detainment of Franklin County farmworker,” Saint Albans Messenger

January 21, 2020, “Deputy Who Detained Farmworker Acted Properly, Sheriff Says,” U.S. News & World Report

January 20, 2020, “Sheriff Clears Deputy Accused of Violating Fair and Impartial Policy,” Seven Days

January 20, 2020, “Sheriff Determines Deputy Did Not Violate ‘Fair and Impartial’ Policy In Traffic Stop,” VPR

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