VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project Announces ‘Vermont’s Silenced Voices Project’ as Immigrant Rights Groups Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Vermont's Silent Voices Project seeks to amplify the silenced voices of migrant farmworkers in Vermont in order to raise awareness about the experiences, needs, and hopes of some of the approximately 2,000 migrant farmworkers who have come to the aid of Vermont dairy farms in crisis. We hope to engage Vermonters in a much needed dialogue to work for more socially and economically just communities for ALL of those living and working in VT. In this first interview one of Vermont’s Silenced Voices shares the interdependencies between VT dairy farmers and migrant farmworkers.

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Massive ICE sweep terrorizes Arizona communities following state passage of anti-immigrant profiling law

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(Oakland, CA) More than 800 federal, state and local agents descended April 15 on four Arizona communities - Nogales, Rio Rico, Tucson and Phoenix -- in one of the largest dragnet immigration enforcement operations conducted by the Obama Administration.

Vermont's Silenced Voices Project: Enosburg High's 16 year old Gabino Hernandez shares his experience growing up in a VT migrant farmworker family

We hear first from 16 year old Gabino Hernandez from Enosburg Falls High who transcribed, translated, and did the voice over for the interview with a VT migrant farmworker that follows. Gabino also shares his experience helping out his parent's at work on a Vermont dairy farm and reflects on the difference between being a documented and undocumented worker. We are very grateful to Gabino for his hard work and sharing his story for this project.

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VT Migrant Farmworker Left Chiapas, Mexico “With Dreams and Hopes to Help His Family and Came Back in a Box”

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Chiapas, Mexico-January 19- “He went to Vermont with dreams and hopes to help his family and came back in a box,” said Elida, José Obeth Santiz Cruz’s sister. Through tears Elida watched the box with her brother inside being secured to the back of a pick up truck in Villahermosa airport in Mexico where the body arrived on Monday morning January 11th. This marked the last leg of a long journey to return the Vermont migrant farmworker home to his indigenous Tojolabal community in San Isidro, Chiapas.

Tragic Death of Migrant Farmworker José Obeth Santiz Cruz Inspires Vermonters to Build Bridges of Friendship and Solidarity With the Worker’s Tojolabal Mayan Community and Travel to Chiapas, Mexico

Vermonters, Farmers, and Migrant Workers all Chipping in to Support José Obeth Santiz Cruz's Family

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On December 22, 2009 in Fairfield, Vermont on Howrigan dairy farm 20 year old José Obeth Santiz Cruz from the town of Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico was killed in a tragic farming accident. Last night, on December 23rd, a Candle Light Vigil was held in Burlington in order to remember and honor the hard work, sacrifice and tragic death of migrant farm worker José Obeth Santiz Cruz.

Vermonters Grieve “Invisible Life and Death”of Migrant Farm Worker Killed in Tragic Farming Accident

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On December 22, 2009 on a bone chilling winter afternoon in Fairfield, Vermont on Howrigan dairy farm 20 year old José Obeth Santiz Cruz from the town of Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico was killed in a tragic farming accident. The death was confirmed by his co-workers and family members last night as concern and sadness spread throughout the migrant farm worker community mourning the young migrant farm workers’ death. Obeth is survived by roughly 80 extended family and community members who currently live and work on Vermont dairy farms.