June 24th: Announcing the Maine march on Hannaford!

Last month saw an unprecedented level of support for Milk with Dignity. Throughout April, farmworkers toured across the northeast, holding 50 organizing meetings, taking action at dozens of Hannaford stores, and connecting with hundreds of new supporters. We capped the Organizing Tour with a spirited Mayday celebration along with others in the labor movement. On International Workers Day, Hannaford received hundreds of calls from customers, as well as new endorsement letters from unions, grassroots organizations, and over 50 state legislators demanding Milk with Dignity. And the following day, Migrant Justice was honored by a recognition from the Vermont House of Representatives.

Now we are announcing the next step in the Milk with Dignity campaign. On Saturday, June 24th, hundreds will converge in Portland, ME – near Hannaford’s corporate headquarters – in a mass march demanding Milk with Dignity. Join us on 6/24 at 2pm in Portland, Maine to march on Hannaford!

Farmworkers finish the successful Organizing Tour; legislators and allies endorse Milk with Dignity

After a month on the road, we have wrapped up the Milk with Dignity Organizing Tour! Over the past four weeks, we held more than 50 tour stops, meeting with communities across seven states to build support for the Milk with Dignity campaign and to take action at Hannaford Supermarkets around the region. 

This was the most ambitious tour that Migrant Justice has ever undertaken, and it was a resounding success. In churches and synagogues, at schools and colleges, in public libraries and on community farms, we connected with hundreds of new supporters and mobilized them to push Hannaford to join Milk with Dignity. Press coverage of the tour brought the message to thousands more.

With pressure mounting on Hannaford, we are asking supporters to call the company headquarters and urge them to meet with farmworkers. Throughout the campaign, thousands of people have called the office of Hannaford President Mike Vail to show their solidarity. Today, International Workers’ Day, take a minute to make a call: tell Hannaford that you want Milk with Dignity!

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40 stops down, 12 to go!

The Milk with Dignity Organizing Tour is entering its final week! Throughout April, farmworkers have traveled to seven states, holding organizing meetings and taking action at Hannaford stores across the region. Now we’re in the home stretch! And with a couple late additions, the final count of tour stops will be 52.

The past three weeks have been incredible: we have connected with hundreds of new campaign supporters in libraries and churches, schools and universities, and farms and community centers. Farmworkers and allies have passed out flyers to customers, talked with managers, and rallied at Hannafords across the region.

When the tour wraps up, we will hold a call-in day on May 1st, International Workers’ Day. All throughout the day on 5/1, we will flood Hannaford’s phone lines with calls from supporters urging the company to join the Milk with Dignity Program. Mark your calendars to make a call on Mayday!

Halfway through the Milk with Dignity Organizing Tour!

We are halfway through the Milk with Dignity Organizing Tour! Over the past two weeks, farmworkers have traveled across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, holding 25 organizing meetings with communities and taking action at Hannaford Supermarkets to demand Milk with Dignity. The next two weeks will take us to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, as the Dignity Tour heads farther south.

As farmworkers connect with Hannaford customers in schools, churches, farms, and libraries around the northeast, Hannaford’s parent company – Dutch multinational Ahold Delhaize – held its annual meeting of shareholders and Board of Directors. Migrant Justice participated in the shareholder meeting and shared a new, in-depth analysis of the failures of Hannaford’s Speak-Up Line to protect farmworkers – even by the company’s own metrics! – contrasted with the benefits of Milk with Dignity.

Read more to learn about Hannaford's latest excuses, as they double down on their failed complaint line in an attempt to dismiss worker demands for Milk with Dignity.

The Milk with Dignity Organizing Tour!

Throughout the month of April, Migrant Justice will be on the road, connecting with supporters and taking action for Milk with Dignity. We will hold more than 50 organizing meetings across seven states. Farmworkers and organizers will connect with audiences to share the successes of the Milk with Dignity program and help communities join the struggle for farmworker rights!

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Victories in Vermont farmworkers’ fight against deportations!

Migrant Justice is excited to announce a number of important human rights victories in recent months. Despite their role as essential workers, immigrant farmworkers are criminalized by the government and targeted for deportation. But through Migrant Justice, farmworkers are fighting back to stop their deportations and defend their community from attack.

José Ángel, a member of the “Migrant Justice 10” who petitioned ICE last year to stop their deportations, is the first of the group to win his case. He is no longer subject to deportation and can continue to live, work, and organize in Vermont!

Wuendy Bernardo was told last year that she would have to leave the country by April or face detention and deportation. She has received an outpouring of support – most recently through a letter signed by 67 Vermont state legislators – and has been granted a temporary reprieve from deportation while her petition is pending.

And Luis Ulloa, who was turned over to Border Patrol by a local sheriff’s deputy and subsequently deported, has settled his discrimination claim. The sheriff department has had to pay monetary compensation, and police agencies around the state have been put on notice that there are consequences for collaborating with federal deportation agents.

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Hannaford shuts out workers while boasting double-digit growth

On February 15th, a farmworker delegation visited the Hannaford Supermarkets corporate headquarters in Scarborough, ME. For weeks, Migrant Justice had let the company know about our planned visit and requested a sit-down meeting. When we arrived, workers were met with security guards and excuses. Hannaford kept the doors shut and refused to meet with farmworkers.

Hannaford is trying to hide from its responsibility, but consumers aren’t fooled. The same day of the farmworker delegation, nearly 700 Milk with Dignity supporters called Hannaford President Mike Vail to express their solidarity with dairy workers. This was the largest call-in day ever – nearly double the number of calls that Hannaford has received on any previous day!

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The countdown is up! Dairy workers visit Hannaford headquarters

Over the past week, farmworkers have been counting down to today: a delegation from Migrant Justice is paying a visit to the corporate headquarters of Hannaford Supermarkets in Scarborough, Maine. We are knocking on their door and asking to sit down with company executives to discuss the Milk with Dignity Program.

As we arrive at Hannaford headquarters today, Milk with Dignity allies will be flooding their phone lines calling on the company to stamp out abuses on dairy farms supplying Hannaford-brand milk. Can you make a call today?

“This is the reality that Hannaford tries to hide”

Jesús works on a farm supplying milk to Hannaford stores. Last October, a coworker filed a complaint with Hannaford over the farm’s deplorable conditions. Workers milk cows for up to 13 hours without breaks for food. Six workers are lodged in a cramped housing unit, sharing three beds between them. The complaint – made through the official “ethics” line Hannaford set up for its suppliers following the launch of the Milk with Dignity campaign – went unanswered.

“Read More” to get the full story and watch a video of Jesús describing the preventable workplace accident that resulted in the amputation of his toe. In his words: “This is the reality that Hannaford tries to hide” [Warning: sensitive content]

"Doing nothing is not an option:" Dairy workers march on Hannaford – and receive backing from Harvard Business Review

As 2022 comes to a close, we celebrate another year of progress in the fight for human rights and economic justice, while recommitting ourselves to the long road ahead. Since founding Migrant Justice, immigrant farmworkers have achieved more than they could have imagined – but we know that there is much work left to do.

We ended the year on a high note, with a spirited march through the snow leading to a boisterous rally in front of Hannaford Supermarkets. As Hannaford representatives once more threatened marchers with arrest, dairy workers stood firm and courageously shared testimonies about the atrocious conditions they experience in the company’s dairy supply chain.

Read more to see excerpts of workers complaints and a full photo-report of the latest march on Hannaford!