Bailing Out Hope

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by Bill Jungels

It’s the Friday before Christmas. As I approach the Gatehouse of the immigrant detention center in Batavia I am a little anxious about what lies ahead, but also amazed that what I thought was impossible last night is unfolding now.

Vermont Farm Worker Danilo Lopez Receives Human Rights Hero Award at Human Rights Conference drawing hundreds of Vermonters

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Saturday, December 10- Burlington, VT-- After being arrested and detained just 3 months ago Danilo Lopez was recognized for his work standing up for the human rights of Vermont's migrant workers at a big Human Rights Conference on Saturday. Upon receiving the award Lopez told the packed house of at least 300 Vermonters, who gave him a rowdy standing ovation, "Thanks to all the support and solidarity we are creating important human rights changes for all.

VT Human Rights Commission Unanimously Finds State Police Discriminated Against Daniel Alejandro Lopez-Santiago During September Traffic Stop

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VT Farmworkers Welcome Decision As Another Step Forward for Community

****************************For Immediate Release******************************
Natalia Fajardo, VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project, 802.497.7027/802-658-6770
Brendan O'Neill, VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project, 802.825.1609/802-658-6770

Migrant Justice Organizing and Solidarity Campaign Results in New and Improved State Police Bias-Free-Policy: Take Follow-up Actions Today!

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Dear friends of the Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project,

Below you will find:

1) We are making a difference! VTMFSP Farmworker Organizing and Solidarity Campaign Produces New and Improved State Police Bias-Free-Policy!

2) Take Action: Thank the Shumlin Administration for Listening to Farm Workers and Vermonters; and keep up the Letters to the Editor

3) Help us Keep this important work going! Pleae join us as a monthly sustainer or one time donor!

Take 3 Urgent Actions: 1) Stop VT State Police Immigrant Profiling! 2) Speak Out Against Alabama's Draconian Immigration Enforcement! 3) Tell Leahy to Stop Pushing the Wall Street 1% Cherished 'Free Trade' Agenda!

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Dear friends of the Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project,

We write to you at a critical moment for social change and economic justice and ask you to take 3 important actions below.

While on the one hand we are moved and inspired by the growing energy in this country and around the world to say NO to political and economic systems made for, by, and of the 1% super-elite Wall Streeters, we are also sobered by the reality facing our immigrant communities throughout the country and right here in Vermont.

5 Things to do for Danilo, Antonio and all of Vermont's Communities

Below are 5 things you can do to support Danilo and Antonio and all Vermont Farmworkers. We will be holding a meeting this week with our Coordinating Committee so please stay tuned for more in the coming days:

1) Thank the Governor for standing up for Vermont Farmworkers, in support of Bias-Free-Policing, and against Vermont Police acting as Federal Immigration Agents