VT Farmworkers Gain National Recognition For Milk with Dignity Campaign

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***November 2016 Campaign Update: Migrant Justice and Ben & Jerry's agreed in May 2015 to work together to operationalize the Milk with Dignity Program in the Ben & Jerry's Supply Chain and have been working steadily towards that goal ever since!

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Food workers across the globe are joining forces this thanksgiving time demanding recognition, rights and dignity as part of International Food Workers Week. Migrant Justice was recognized as one of 21 organizations across the nation leading the way to advance the human rights and dignity of food workers:

“These laborers deserve a voice in the food system. From farm to fork, laborers deserve a living wage, safe working conditions, the right to organize, and access to benefits. Furthermore, they deserve recognition for the role they play in feeding families across the globe, and their stories should be highlighted. Many organizations around the world are working to ensure that workers’ voices are heard at every stage of food supply chains, and to protect these laborers’ rights, safety, and livelihoods. Food Tank is highlighting the work of 21 notable organizations working for labor justice around the world…” 

Solidarity With Ferguson: Take Local Action on Labor Day!

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After hearing about Ferguson's police murder of Michael Brown Migrant Justice farmworker organizer Kike Balcazar reflected, "As a young person of color and human being I feel both angry and threatened. When will this world recognize that we are human beings and that we are sisters and brothers? The broken systems of our society have created poisonous ideologies in our communities. We have to unite together to change this if we are ever to live in peace and harmony."

Bill to Extend Access to Driver's Licenses Regardless of Immigration Status Passes Vermont Senate Transportation Committee w/ 4-1 Vote

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Bill to Extend Access to Driver's Licenses Regardless of Immigration Status Passes Vermont Senate Transportation Committee w/ 4-1 Vote

Immigrant Workers Welcome Springtime Change With A Big Step on the Road to Rights in Vermont

Migrant Justice takes it to DC: Joining our voices for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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"Whether licenses or citizenship, our drive is not a piece of paper; it's our rights and dignity."
- Alberto Madrigal, Migrant Justice member

February 12, 2013, Washington DC

A delegation of 10 Migrant Justice members and a representative from the Vermont Workers' Center traveled to a groundbreaking gathering of over 300 immigrant worker leaders across the country in Washington, D.C on February 12th and 13th.


The gathering took place under the banner United Workers Congress, which is a national network of grassroots immigrant worker organizations who are excluded from fundamental human and workers' rights.
The mission was to build a more unified movement for immigration reform that creates a path to Citizenship for the entire 11 million undocumented people in this country, and upholds fundamental human rights for all.

Migrant Justice created this photo slideshow to bring you there:


Driving Towards Human Rights in Vermont!

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Driving Towards Human Rights in Vermont

SEE THE STORY TOLD THROUGH PICTURES HERE: http://www.flickr.com//photos/migrantjustice/sets/72157632709096043/show/

2/12/13--Our Vermont State Legislature is in session during the winter months, so sunlight slides straight in through the cafeteria mid-day as state senators and representatives meet with folks from around Vermont. The sunshine lights the tops of people’s heads as if to provide additional brainpower through solar gain.

Migrant Justice Takes Huge Step Towards Access to Driver's Licenses in Vermont: Grassroots Campaign Momentum Growing For a Big Victory in 2013

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Migrant Justice Takes Huge Step Towards Access to Driver's Licenses in Vermont

Grassroots Campaign Momentum Growing For a Big Victory in 2013

Dec. 14, 2012---After nearly a year of non-stop grassroots organizing, 35 farmworkers took to the State House on Thursday for a final push to successfully move a Legislative Study Committee to an 8-1 vote, recommending that Vermont create a law to allow undocumented residents to access driver's licenses and IDs in 2013! Long time Migrant Justice ally and P1010152faith community leader Laura O'Brien was there last Thursday and shares this reflection about the big day below. For a photo essay go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/migrantjustice/sets/72157632274984146/show/

Teacher and writer Parker Palmer talks about harnessing the “creative tension” of the world as a necessity for being an agent of change. That is, finding a way to operate in the world in that space between the way things are and the way we know they can and should be, without becoming so jaded or idealistic that action is impossible.

I would like to think the members of the Driver’s License Study Committee were able to do this on December 13, helped in large part by the imagery surely burned into their mind’s eyes throughout the morning’s proceedings. Around the center table of the House Chamber on Thursday morning this group of power holders was discussing the bureaucratic logistics of what it would mean to grant access to driver’s licenses to people without a Social Security number. And more specifically, how might Vermont’s migrant farmworkers fit into this system.