VICTORY! “No Polimigra” law passes -- time to organize!

On Thursday May 30th, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed H.518 -- the “No Polimigra” bill -- into law.  Migrant Justice drafted and fought for this legislation. Its passage gives local communities more power to strengthen policies that stop the collaboration between police and federal immigration authorities (known in Spanish as “polimigra”).

With this new law in place, it’s time to organize! Join Migrant Justice on Monday June 10th, 6-8pm to learn about how to organize against the Polimigra in your community.  RSVP to participate by videoconference or in person at our Burlington office.

For years, immigrants and communities of color have led the fight to address police profiling in Vermont through the creation of “Fair and Impartial Policing policies” (FIPPs).  Thanks to Migrant Justice, these FIPPs contain robust protections for immigrant rights, preventing police from asking about or investigating immigration status and making clear that local cops should not be in the business of immigration enforcement.

Unfortunately, following Trump’s election -- and his threats against “Sanctuary Cities” -- Vermont law enforcement chose to water down the state’s model FIPP, creating dangerous loopholes that allow for ongoing collaboration between local police and Trump’s deportation agents.  The results have been disastrous: Vermont police continue to turn immigrants over to ICE, ending in their deportation and the separation of families.

The passage of the No Polimigra bill gives law enforcement agencies discretion to strengthen their policies, putting a firewall between themselves and the feds.  Crucially, H.518 makes clear that these policies will meet state requirements -- even if they draw the ire of Trump’s Department of Justice.

But we know from experience that police and sheriff’s departments aren’t going to make these changes on their own.  It will take local communities organizing to demand change. And that’s where you come in.

Join us on June 10th and get involved in organizing your community to say “No Polimigra!”

And finally, the town of Hartford is already moving to strengthen their policy!  If you’re in the Upper Valley, turn out for the Hartford Selectboard meeting on Tuesday 6/4 at 6pm! Email us at for details.