Take Action to Stop ICE's 'Secure Communities' in Vermont!

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Join the movement to reject ICE's 'Secure Communities' and work to create safe space for all our communities in Vermont by signing the petition: http://www.workerscenter.org/no_to_S_Comm and ask the Shumlin Administration to opt out of this unjust program!

With your help, we in Vermont acted swiftly and decisively to defend the rights of our state's farm workers to access and participate in our much anticipated Universal Health Care System. Now, we have another opportunity to do the right thing in Vermont and join the states of Illinois, Massachussets and New York and say NO to policies that blur the lines between immigration agents and police officers such as ICE's ironically named, 'Secure Communities'.

As you probably know the continued failure of the federal government to enact humane and just immigration reform is creating 2 very distinct movements in this country. On the one hand the states of Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama (amongst others) are legislating anti-immigrant, inhumane and senseless policies that are detrimental to the civil rights and public safety of all our communities. On the other hand there are states like Illinois, Massachussets and New York who have recently challenged Immigration and Custom Enforcements (ICE) draconian policies that blur the lines between local and state police and immigration agents creating an environment of racial profiling that is antithetical to all we have fought for in terms of civil and human rights in this country and in Vermont.

One of our VT farm worker neigbors, Danilo, is helping to organize the farm worker community to gather signatures and call upon the Shumlin adminstration to opt out of Secure Communites. Danilo explains, "It is not fair for migrants to be treated as criminals. If it is a crime to not let a family member starve, then, logically, we are all criminals, since one would do anything for a loved one. If the situation were the opposite, if Americans had to migrate to give their families a better life, would they like to be treated with racism?


Join the movement and spread the word. Lets keep ICE's (in)'Secure Communities' out of Vermont!

P.S.– Help us keep building the movement for farm worker and food system justice by donating: http://www.vtmigrantfarmworkersolidarity.org/node/91 Every little bit helps, so thanks!