TODAY: Make a call to support Javier and all farmworkers behind Hannaford-brand milk

End-of-day update: over 340 confirmed calls made to Hannaford!

Dairy workers led pickets in front of Hannaford Supermarkets throughout the month of October, demanding dignified treatment and the protection of their human rights. Inspired by farmworkers’ leadership, customers across the northeast mobilized to hold solidarity rallies outside their local Hannafords as well.

Now it’s your turn! Stand with farmworkers fighting for their rights by calling Hannaford today and demanding Milk with Dignity!

One of the leaders of the Milk with Dignity month of action was a young worker from a dairy farm in Addison County named Javier. We previously shared Javier’s story of long hours, no protections, and inhumane housing. Javier lives in a plywood apartment with a leaky roof, where he and his coworkers bathe using a bucket. His bedroom is directly above the pen where cows give birth, causing his room to shake.

Earlier this week, Vermont Public ran a shocking exposé of the deplorable housing conditions that Javier and his co-workers endure, with new details and photos.

A month ago, Javier filed a formal complaint through a hotline that Hannaford set up last year with the stated aim of protecting the rights of workers in its supply chain. He has yet to receive a response, and his housing conditions remain the same. The article contrasts Javier’s lack of protections with the enforceable rights guaranteed by Milk with Dignity, documenting new housing built under the program. 

If Hannaford is sincere in its desire to protect workers’ rights, the path forward is clear: the company must join Milk with Dignity. But for them to make the right decision, they’ll need to feel pressure from the public.

Milk with Dignity call-in actions have generated over 2,300 calls to the Hannaford President's office. Let's keep the pressure on by jamming their phone lines and filling their voicemail throughout the day. Mike Vail needs to hear loud and clear that his customers expect accountability and demand action!

And once you make a call, be sure to head to our facebook, twitter, or instagram pages to leave a comment letting us know you called!