Join the State-wide Campaign for Bias Free Policing in VT!

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The VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project and allies are building a state-wide campaign for Bias-Free Policing in VT. Check out the new Action Pack and join us at: (This is a large file:)

Just yesterday a VT farmer returned to his home only to find 2 state troopers and 3 border patrol cars in his driveway. Although, the details are still unclear it appears that when police responded to a 911 call and heard Spanish THEY CALLED THE BORDER PATROL! Now, 3 VT farm workers are in jail in New York and police had no reason whatsoever to call Border Patrol! This is exactly why we are launching the Campaign for Bias Free Policing in VT and need your support to stop this racial and immigrant profiling in VT! Please join us!

Dear Vermonters in Support of the Equal and Fair Treatment of All,

We write to you out of concern for the racial profiling, harassment, and unjustified detentions and deportations that plague the lives of many communities in our state. These institutionalized practices humiliate, degrade, and marginalize a broad-range of Vermont communities. As you may know, the VT Attorney General recently released a Bias Free Policing Policy recommendation for Vermont law enforcement. In response to our concern for justice and the Attorney General's recommendation, we are pleased to share the attached "Action Pack for Bias Free Policing in Vermont" for your review.

We invite your organization to:

1. Review the "Action Pack for Bias Free Policing in Vermont" and let us know if your organization is willing to be listed as a Co-sponsor. Please remember, you can use the Action Pack as you see fit and provide supplemental materials based on your local context.

Co-sponsors will also be asked to:

A. Discuss with us your interest in promoting and/or participating in a statewide campaign to pass Bias-Free Policing policies throughout Vermont. We will contact you with a follow-up call in the next several days.

B. Help us conduct outreach to your membership, allies, and volunteers by promoting an upcoming state-wide conference call and webinar, during which we will share the Action Pack and launch the state-wide campaign.

C. Sign-up for our Bias-Free Policing in VT lists serve to stay in touch about the campaign by emailing:

D. Join us on 1/31 5-6pm OR 2/1 12-1pm for a state-wide conference call to help kick off the Campaign for Bias Free Policing in VT.

We understand that a policy or law alone does not create change. We are hopeful that the "Action Pack for Anti-Bias Policing in Vermont" will help to energize local community organizing in order to build long-lasting, working relationships. With these relationships we can challenge deeply conditioned and institutionalized racism and discrimination, and in doing so, make Vermont a better place to live for everyone.

We look forward to talking soon.


Campaign for Bias-Free Policing in VT

VT Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project
Brendan O'Neill

VT American Friends Service Committee
Mandy Park