Migrant Justice Joins Hundreds to Shut Down Immigrant Detention Center Calling for #Not1More Deportation!

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Migrant Justice leaders joined hundreds of immigrant workers and leaders to stand up for human rights yesterday calling upon President Obama for Not1More deportation by blocking the entrance to a Boston detention center shining light on the hundreds of immigrants unjustly imprisoned awaiting deportation!

Meanwhile, a powerful crowd of "undocumented and unafraid" people and allies marched in a roving picket line shedding light on the mass inhumane suffering for families President Obama has promoted through his ruthless deporter and chief policies. At several points immigrant detainees banged on the windows in solidarity holding up "Not1+" and "Please free us" signs.


Migrant Justice farmworker leader Abel Garcia who took part in the civil disobedience yesterday explained:

“I’m not scared to do civil disobedience. I see us making a change — I want us to see the good results we know can come from direct action. The people in detention centers and families who have been separated need us to keep fighting. We have the power to do it!” 



Migrant Justice leader Olga Benitez addressed a chanting crowd through a megaphone as one of the featured speakers:

"The reason we are here is to demand the President stop the deportations that are separating families and causing suffering to millions of families. I am personally affected because my husband was deported 2 times from Vermont and I had to stay and work with my  2 children one who was just 2 years old and the other a newborn. I had to bring my children to work with me (in a dairy barn) because I had no family to help me...Then, after my husband died I was left completely alone. Now, I can't ask the president to return my husband, that is impossible, but I would like to ask him to place his hand to his heart and put himself in our place to imagine being separated from his family and think about how he would feel...We ask that our voices be heard through the sadness and pain and call on you again to stop deportations!"


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Farmworker Coordinating Committee: Ober Lopez, Erick Diaz, Olga Benitez, Alfonzo Calvo, Thelma Guadalupe Gomez, Abel Garcia, Carlos Diaz, Arnulfo Ramirez, Freddy Carrillo, Alberto Madrigal, Enrique Balcazar


Board/Junta de Apoyo: Ober Lopez (Coordinator), Martha Caswell (Coordinator), Carlos Diaz, Nathaly Agosto Fillon, Dana Woodruff, Marita Canedo


Staff: Natalia Fajardo (Field Coordinator), Brendan O'Neill (Development Coordinator), 

Abel Luna (Campaign Coordinator)