Vamos Ganando (We are winning): Vermont’s Migrant Workers Start to See Dream for Freedom of Movement Materializing

Vamos Ganando (We are winning): Vermont’s Migrant Workers Start to See Dream for Freedom of Movement Materializing

Driver’s License Bill moves to the House after 27-2 Vote in Senate

Montpelier, VT, April 9, 2013-Vermont migrant workers and supporters celebrate a major step forward in the legislative path for drivers licenses regardless of immigration status.

In a demonstration of firm support for the issue, on Friday the Vermont Senate voted in favor of S.38, 27 to 2 and confirming their support today, sending the bill over to the House of Representatives. S.38 would give migrant workers in Vermont the ability to move around independently to meet their fundamental needs by providing access to a driver’s license.

Migrant worker spokesman Danilo Lopez reflected on this historical moment: “We are starting to see the goal-line in the long path we have gone through. Witnessing the positive reception and support from legislators and the governor, in large part due to our tireless work, we are very hopeful that the House will continue with the progress we have made.”

Regardless of this bill, in order to comply with the REAL ID act, the DMV will issue two types of licenses. One license will have REAL ID features, and one will not. S.38 allows VT residents who are unable to prove immigration status, AND those who wish to opt out of the REAL ID features, to access the license without the REAL ID features after successful completion of written and road tests. S.38 also allows access to state issued non-driver ID.

Last week, S.38 received strong votes in the Transportation (4-1) and Finance (6-0-1) committees. With support from the Vermont Farm Bureau, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Department of Public Safety, Migrant Justice is preparing the ground to achieve solid support in the House.


Migrant Justice is a Vermont-based group organizing for migrant workers’ dignity and justice. Since 2012, Migrant Justice has lead the efforts to extend access to Drivers Licenses to Vermont residents regardless of immigration status. More information found at

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