Anti-Racist Decolonizing Radio Broadcast. Tune in today!

*Join the Anti-Racist Decolonizing Radio Broadcast. Tune in today! October 12th!!!*

Tune in between 3PM & 9PM est


The Medios Caminantes network (which VTMFSP is part of) is broadcasting a collaborative bilingual
Spanish/English Radio Broadcast today, October 12th. A day which some call
“Columbus Day” and we celebrate as Indigenous Peoples Day. To honor this day
we are bringing together a critical mass of voices as a collective action to
show our resistance to the colonialism and racism that we live with in this
continent called America. The anti-Columbus Radio Broadcast will feature
discussions and denouncements of racist state policies across the US from
Arizona to Alabama. We will also celebrate our resistance and culture in the
face of this systemic racism. In collaboration with compañeros y compañeras
in Mexico we will broadcast reports from community radio groups in Mexico
focusing on the growing movement organizing against the Drug War, related
migrant issues and resistance to mega-projects.In particular, we will:

-Provide an overview of the state of immigration issues one year after
the passage of SB1070 in Arizona and examine similar laws in Alabama &

-Learn about the Secure Communities program and how increased
collaboration between immigration and police affect our communities and
make them less secure.

-Affirm the rights of all people against borders that try to divide us
and governments that criminalize us. No One is Illegal!

This broadcast is brought to you by:

PanLeft Producciones, Tuscon, Arizona
VozMob, Los Angeles, California
Marea Creciente, Hermosillo Mexico
Sonidera, Arcata, CA
Democracy Now en Español NY, NY
Families For Freedom: NY, NY
Justicia Migrante, Vermont
Radios Populares: Chicago, Illinois
Unidad Latina en Accion, New Haven
Radio against police brutality, Philladelphia

Join us in this radio broadcast and celebrate resistance to colonialism
and racism!

In solidarity
Medios Caminantes

Medios Caminantes was created at the Allied Media Conference in 2010 to
provide a collective space for people and social movements who all share
a common focus: The use of independent media as a tool for organizing.