Today! Call Hannaford to demand Milk with Dignity

End of day update: over 375 calls made!

Did you see last week's update from our recent action at Hannaford's headquarters? If not, check it out here!

Following our press conference and picket at their central offices, Hannaford repeated the statement that it requires all its suppliers to "follow labor laws and treat workers fairly and humanely," and is conducting farm audits to make sure these expectations are being met. But these claims are roundly contradicted by the dozens of dairy workers who have spoken out to denounce the low pay, long hours, inhumane housing, workplace dangers, and abusive conditions on the farms behind Hannaford-brand milk.

Stand with farmworkers! Make a call to Hannaford today to let them know that the only way to make their "expectations" a reality is to join the Milk with Dignity Program!

Our call-in actions have generated over 1,300 calls to the Hannaford President's office. Let's keep the pressure on by jamming their phone lines and filling their mailboxes throughout the day. President Mike Vail needs to hear loud and clear that his customers expect accountability and demand action!

And once you make a call, be sure to head to our facebooktwitter, or instagram pages to leave a comment letting us know you called!