The countdown is up! Dairy workers visit Hannaford headquarters

Over the past week, farmworkers have been counting down to today: a delegation from Migrant Justice is paying a visit to the corporate headquarters of Hannaford Supermarkets in Scarborough, Maine. We are knocking on their door and asking to sit down with company executives to discuss the Milk with Dignity Program.

Check out the thread of videos published over the past week by Migrant Justice members urging Hannaford to open its doors to dairy workers.

As we arrive at Hannaford headquarters today, Milk with Dignity allies will be flooding their phone lines calling on the company to stamp out abuses on dairy farms supplying Hannaford-brand milk. Can you make a call today?

Hannaford continues to profit while workers in its supply chain suffer. Last week, we shared the story of Jesús Zúñiga, who lost a toe from a preventable workplace accident. In an emotional video, Jesús describes how he notified the farm three times during his shift about a broken tractor but was told to drive it anyway. The tractor malfunctioned, trapping his foot, breaking bones and severing a tendon.

Jesús works on a farm where a co-worker had already filed a formal complaint with Hannaford about the deplorable conditions he experienced: discriminatory treatment, 13 hours shifts without breaks, and six workers jammed together sharing three beds. Hannaford received the complaint in October but failed to respond for months. While Hannaford sat on its hands, Jesús lost a toe due to the farm’s negligence.

Now workers are knocking on Hannaford’s door asking the company to ensure dignified work and quality housing in its dairy supply chain. Jesús’ experience has shown that Hannaford’s own complaint line is unable to protect workers’ human rights. The company has run out of excuses; it’s time to join Milk with Dignity.

Make a call to Hannaford today urging the company to open its doors to dairy workers!