“We want safety and protection” from Hannaford

As the holidays approach, dairy workers are asking Hannaford Supermarkets to take responsibility and ensure fair and safe conditions for farmworkers. And we need you to demand the same: Hannaford brand milk must be free from human rights abuses!

Farmworkers milking cows in Hannaford’s supply chain are suffering from astronomical rates of injuries and illnesses:

  • 93% of workers have suffered illnesses and injuries related to working with chemicals like acid, chlorine and formaldehyde

  • 78% have been kicked, bit, or otherwise injured by cows

  • 77% report harm from machinery or repetitive stress injuries

Many of these illnesses and injuries are wholly preventable and come from a lack of training and equipment. On these same farms, only:

  • 33% of workers have access to first aid on the job

  • 18% have sufficient access to personal protective equipment

  • 6% report sufficient health and safety training on the job

That’s why farmworkers like Don Gero are demanding safety and protection. And Hannaford can provide it by joining the Milk with Dignity program!


Hannaford continues to shirk their responsibility, and we are gearing up for a long campaign. Soon we will be announcing some big actions in the spring, but in the meantime, farmworkers need you to take action on your own.

  1. Send an email to Hannaford CEO Mike Vail urging the company to join Milk with Dignity

  2. Read through our Action Toolkit for more information on the campaign

  3. Print out this flyer and give it to a manager or customer service representative the next time you shop at Hannaford

  4. Ask Hannaford customers to fill out these postcards (let us know at info@migrantjustice.net if you’re interested and we’ll follow-up with more information)!

  5. If you’re part of an organization, use this guide to write an endorsement letter for the campaign!

Together we can keep the pressure on Hannaford to join Milk with Dignity!