2/21 Mass call-in day to Hannaford Supermarket!

Throughout the day on February 21st, hundreds of Milk with Dignity supporters will flood Hannaford's phone lines to urge the company to join Milk with Dignity. Make your call now!

Over the course of the campaign, Hannaford has received thousands of calls from customers and others in solidarity with the human rights of farmworkers. These calls – along with thousands of customer emails; endorsement letters from faith communities, shareholders, and civil society organizations; and dozens of farmworker-led protests – have forced Hannaford to respond.

As workers have fearlessly come forward to uncover abuses and exploitation on the farms producing Hannaford-brand milk, the company has rolled out knock-off initiatives designed to mimic the Milk with Dignity Program while maintaining the status quo. 

Hannafords “standards of engagement,” “speak-up line,” and “farmer self-assessments” all give the impression that the company is committed to the rights of farmworkers in its supply chain. The sad truth is that the only impact for farmworkers has been heightened retaliation for speaking out and exposing the truth behind Hannaford’s milk.

Make a call today and show farmworkers that you have their backs!

Did you catch our blog post last week? If not, once you've made your call, check out the photo-report from last week’s Valentine’s Day action!


End of day update: more than 400 calls made to Hannaford HQ supporting Milk with Dignity!