March for Jesús and all farmworkers demanding Milk with Dignity!

Jesús works on a farm producing Hannaford-brand milk. After reporting a broken tractor multiple times to his employer, he was told to operate it anyway. When the tractor’s hydraulics failed, he was trapped beneath the machinery. Part of Jesús’ foot had to be amputated as a result.

Before this preventable incident occurred, Jesús’ co-workers had submitted a complaint through Hannaford Supermarket’s “Speak-Up Line” about discrimination and mistreatment on the farm. The complaint languished for four months before being dismissed. Hannaford appears to have taken the bosses at their word, relying on “employer self-assessments” and failing to interview the workers themselves.

Now Jesús is speaking out. In a powerful new video, he makes a plea for change:

“One of the responsibilities that large corporations have is to acknowledge that they have the means to make things better. If they lack the will, that’s a different issue. But they have the means, and they have a responsibility. I want to urge everyone watching this video to continue fighting for the benefit of working people.”

On Saturday June 24th, farmworkers and allies will march through Portland, Maine to call on Hannaford to join the Milk with Dignity Program. We are bringing the campaign to Hannaford’s back yard to make a powerful statement that workers and consumers demand Milk with Dignity.

Are you coming to Portland from Vermont? RSVP and reserve your seat on the bus. Don’t delay!

As Jesús’ experience so painfully demonstrates, Hannaford has proven itself time and again uninterested in truly protecting workers’ rights in its supply chain. If the company wants to make good on its professed values, the choice is clear: it must join Milk with Dignity.

Hannaford has a responsibility to act and the means to do so. All that’s lacking is the will. This Saturday, let’s march together and push Hannaford to act. It’s time to get with the Program