S-238: Recognize EVERYONE as equal

Campaign for Immigrant Rights & Agricultural Justice


Lets work together to make S-238 Recognize ALL members of

our Communities as Equals Under the Law


There is a bill in the Vermont Senate that, with some changes, has the potential to create a path to recognize all members of our communities as VT residents, regardless of their immigration status, with access to: VT issued non-driver ID, drivers' licenses, and state programs. As it now stands, S-238 proposes a ‘farm guest worker program’, but in reality we can do BETTER and we can do MORE.

Please sign this petition to strenghten S-238


Dear (Senator), 
I am writing to ask for your support to make S-238 an act that creates a path to recognize all those living and working in the great state of Vermont as Vermont residents with equal access to all rights and programs.
I support S-238 provided that it:
  • Create an accessible and fair path to recognize all those living and working in Vermont as VT residents with equal access to a VT non-driver identification and drivers license;


  • Provide equal access for all those living and working in VT to all state rights, benefits, and programs;


  • Build in provisions to guarantee privacy of information and protection of participants.
As the first state to outlaw slavery, Vermont has a history of breaking with the federal government when it abuses human rights. S-238 offers us another opportunity to once more be on the right side of history by recognizing all Vermont community members as equal under the law.
I urge you to take this opportunity to promote equality for everyone living and working in Vermont.