H-535: No Bias in Criminal Justice System

Campaign for Immigrant Rights and Agricultural Justice

H-535 must protect ALL members of our communities from bias in the Criminal Justice System!


Vermont's House of Representatives is debating  H-535, a bill that attempts to address discrimination by law enforcement agencies from police, to jails to courts.
Currently, the bill requires every Vermont law enforcement agency to have a bias-free policing policy in place by January 1, 2013. This is good but we want more! Migrant Justice is working so that this bill protects everyone in our state, regardless of immigration status.  Join us to call upon lawmakers!
Please sign this petition to strenghten H-535
Dear (Representative):
I am writing to ask for your support to make H-535 an act that truly protects all those living and working in the state of Vermont from all forms of Bias and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System.
I support H-535 provided that it promotes Bias-Free- Policing Policies that:
• Protect all those living and working in Vermont, regardless of immigration status, by using the State Police Bias-Free Policing Policy as a model for all police in VT to adopt by January 1, 2013 (rather than the Attorney General's 'Recommended Bias-Free Policing Policy");
• Direct law enforcement and criminal justice agencies to not use local and state resources for immigration enforcement;
• Build-in additional mechanisms for transparency and accountability by collecting and making public all demographic data at all levels of the Criminal Justice System.
I urge you to support H-535 provided it promotes Bias-Free- Policing Policies that recognize and protect ALL Vermont community members from bias, regardless of immigration status.