Immigrant Rights & Agricultural Justice


Join the Campaign for Human Rights

& Food Justice!


After a year of farmworker discussions, surveys, and successful actions, Migrant Justice is turning a corner and invites you to join our new campaign!


The campaign seeks to build and unify movements for immigrant rights and agricultural justice and is informed by goals defined by the farmworker community in Vermont.




As farmers, workers, and supporters of fair food, we pledge to work together to build healthy and just farming communities and to defend immigrant rights as human rights. We will unite to stop the corporate-driven policies that threaten family farms and force our neighbors south of the border to migrate north to survive. We pledge to change our current economic and immigration policies, which fail to create sustainable livelihoods for workers and family farmers while rewarding CEOs with salaries 475 times more than the average worker.


Human Rights+Food Justice=

Thriving Farming Communities for ALL

We believe in:

Immigrant Rights=Human Rights

  • Recognition of the inherent value, dignity and human rights of all our community members, regardless of immigration status,  and ensuring equal access to quality health care, education, housing and transportation, which are fundamental human needs.
  • The END to all immigration and policing programs that divert resources to militarize borders, criminalize and persecute our friends and neighbors, promote racial profiling, turn jails into immigrant holding cells, and force police to enforce discriminatory immigration laws.

Food Justice  

  • Economic, trade and agricultural policies that cultivate fair food, healthy livelihoods, economic justice and human rights for ALL food system workers and family farmers.
  • Community-powered food systems that produce healthy food and sustainable livelihoods for all in place of corporate-driven agriculture, which destroys local food systems forcing family farmers to abandon rural communities and migrate to survive.

We, the undersigned, pledge to join the Migrant Justice campaign for Human Rights & Food Justice for the long haul and unite to build truly democratic and economically just farming communities and food systems for ALL.


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