May 1st: Don’t cross the picket line; don’t shop at Hannaford!

Migrant Justice is back from The Netherlands, the home base of Hannaford´s parent company Ahold Delhaize. After a packed trip of meetings with Ahold workers, labor unions, civil society organizations, and academics, we are building momemtum in the Milk with Dignity campaign. With newfound support in Europe, we are calling on Hannaford to address human rights violations in its supply chain and join Milk with Dignity.

If you missed our recent photo-report, check it out here!

Next up: May 1st, International Workers Day! This Mayday, for the first time, farmworkers are calling for a one-day boycott to protest the company’s refusal to stop abuses on the farms behind Hannaford-brand milk. 

Workers and allies will hold a full-day picket of the Hannaford Supermarket in Williston, Vermont. Join us!

For years, farmworkers have called on Hannaford customers to engage with the company and make their demands heard – and thousands have responded, sending emails, making calls, writing postcards, speaking with store managers and more. But Hannaford has refused to listen. This is why on May 1st we are taking the new step of telling customers: Don’t cross the picket line; don’t shop at Hannaford!

From the store’s opening at 7am to its closing at 11pm, workers and allies will maintain a picket, educating potential customers about the human rights abuses on Hananford’s farms and urging them to shop elsewhere.

Join us on the picket line for a few hours – or the full day! – on May 1st at the Hannaford Supermarkets in Williston. At 5:30pm, we will gather outside the store for a large rally.

Can’t make it to the action? Help spread the word by sharing posts on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

See you on Mayday!

p.s. Are you part of an organization or a labor union? Recruit your fellow members and sign up for a 1-2 hour shift on the pikcet line. Respond to this email for more information