Video from the Milk with Dignity Month of Action

As the weather turns cold, dairy workers on the farms producing Hannaford-brand milk are preparing for another winter without essential human rights protections. 

The Milk with Dignity Program ensures that farmworkers live in dignified housing fit for human habitation. Through the Program, hundreds of workers and their families have won tangible improvements to housing conditions – or in some cases, the construction of brand new housing. This is just one of the protections that Hannaford denies to the farmworkers in its supply chain through its refusal to join Milk with Dignity.

Despite Hananford’s delays, farmworkers are persisting. This fall, many of you joined workers on the picket line to protest the abuses and human rights violations on Hannaford’s farms and hold the company accountable. Check out the newly-released video from the Month of Action!

The campaign didn’t end there. Following the month of action, supporters called in to Hannaford’s headquarters to demand Milk with Dignity. In just one day, more than 275 of you called Hannaford! The call-in day was so successful, we’re asking supporters to mark their calendars for 11/15 as the next day to phone the company.

Can you help contact Migrant Justice supporters and drive calls to Hannaford on 11/15? Sign up to volunteer!

Let’s make our voices heard and show farmworkers that they are not alone. The weather may be getting colder, but the Milk with Dignity campaign is heating up