Tell ICE: Don't Deport Wuendy!

Wuendy Bernardo has lived with her family on a dairy farm in Vermont since 2014. Three years ago, she was being driven home from church when her car was pulled over by Border Patrol and Wuendy and her children were detained. Since then, Wuendy has attended regular appointments with immigration authorities and complied with every order, but this summer – without warning – she was told by ICE that she must leave the country or she will be detained and deported.

Wuendy’s attorneys have filed a petition to stop her deportation, but ICE needs to hear from you! A mass outpouring of community support can and does have an impact – and could be the difference between Wuendy being deported or allowed to remain in Vermont with her family. Please send an email today to the ICE office in charge of Wuendy’s case to express your support.

Wuendy is the primary caregiver to her five children and her two orphaned younger sisters. Her large family relies on her and would be irreversibly harmed by Wuendy’s deportation. Wuendy is a pillar in her community; the legal petition to stop her deportation was accompanied by more than 50 heartfelt letters of support from close friends, the owner of the farm where she lives, and the teachers and staff of the schools that her kids attend.

Wuendy is also a leader in the farmworker organization Migrant Justice. She has played an active role advancing the successful Milk with Dignity Program, which is protecting the rights of hundreds of dairy workers and improving working and living conditions on farms across Vermont and New York – including on Wuendy’s farm. Though she is already benefiting from the program, Wuendy has selflessly dedicated time and energy to support the expansion of Milk with Dignity so that others in her community can benefit as well. Accompanied by her family, Wuendy has given presentations and led public actions to build awareness and support for Milk with Dignity.

Last year, Wuendy helped to pass landmark legislation expanding access to healthcare in Vermont. As an immigrant mother, Wuendy testified to the Vermont legislature about barriers in access to healthcare. Her work resulted in the creation of the Immigrant Health Insurance Program, which covers medical costs for pregnant people and children regardless of immigration status. Wuendy’s courageous advocacy and her passion for justice and human rights has resulted in an important expansion of access to healthcare in her state.

Wuendy’s deportation would be a travesty and a grave miscarriage of justice. She must be allowed to remain with her family and her community in Vermont. Send a message to ICE letting them know that you have Wuendy’s back.