Migrant Justice Joins Hundreds to Shut Down Immigrant Detention Center Calling for #Not1More Deportation!



Farmworkers and Supporters Declare Civil Rights=Immigrant Rights at VT DMV Getting Brand New VT Driver's Licenses And Commemorating Legacy of MLK

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Farmworkers and Supporters Declare Civil Rights=Immigrant Rights at VT DMV Getting Brand New VT Driver's Licenses And Commemorating Legacy of MLK

Farmworkers step out of VT milking parlors onto the road

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Come celebrate the end of a very successful year for Migrant Justice!!

Breaking the ICE // Rompiendo el Hielo: VT goes to AZ to defend immigrant rights

By: Chris Schroth, Migrant Justice ally

The immigrant rights movement in the US has reached a new level of energy: people are not taking it any more and demanding our rights.  That was the message that Abel Garcia, a farmworker member from Veracruz, Mexico, living in Washington County, learned earlier this month.

Grassroots Organizing Stops Deportation of Community Leader!!!

Dear friends and supporters,

Today we heard from ICE that Danilo's application for a Stay of Removal was approved and that he can stay! Our grassroots movement stopped his deportation!

"Not One More Danilo" Campaign Hopeful After ICE Signals Lopez May be Eligible to Stay

Dear Friends of Migrant Justice,

"This is more than just fighting my deportation; this is about setting an example that we can come together with the national movement to end deportations and fight for our rights”.-Danilo at ICE Dentetion Center on Thursday

We are rapidly approaching July 5th-- the day that ICE is forcing Danilo to leave the country and we write with hopeful news!

Thanks to all the public pressure, outpouring of community solidarity and influential letters of support a victory is in sight!

Less than 12 hours after we submitted Danilo's high-profile case for Prosecutorial Discretion, ICE  legal counsel called Migrant Justice.  The bad news is they said they won't grant prosecutorial discretion before July 5th. The good news is that they've indicated that on July 5th Danilo should apply for a 'stay of removal' and that he has, in their words, "a lot of ammo on his side" to be able to stay!!!

Though we've got a long way to go we are very hopeful! To continue to build this campaign please consider donating here and keep recruiting people for more petition signatures here. More action to come soon!

Leahy, Sanders and Welch Join Vermonters to Stop VT Farmworker's Deportation: Lopez Submits Case for Prosecutorial Discretion with Strong Support


Contact: Natalia Fajardo (802-497-7027), Brendan O’Neill (802-825-1609), www.migrantjustice.net, info@migrantjustice.net

Senators Leahy, Sanders and Congressman Welch Join Vermonters to Stop VT Farmworker's Deportation

Lopez Submits Case for Prosecutorial Discretion with Strong Support

BURLINGTON, VT, 6/19/13-- Migrant Justice delayed plans to submit official documentation on Monday that calls upon ICE to utilize prosecutorial discretion to stop the deportation of migrant farmworker leader "Danilo" Lopez. Instead they worked to move Senator Leahy's office to join Senator Sanders and Representative Welch in writing a letter of support for Danilo Lopez's case. It was worth the wait.

Today, Senator Leahy's staff sent the letter of support to Migrant Justice. The letter reads, "Legislation pending before the Senate could potentially resolve Mr. Lopez's current immigration case...This legislation is currently being debated in the Senate, and is not expected to be enacted before Mr. Lopez's ordered date of departure, July 5th...I urge you to use prosecutorial discretion." In his letter Congressman Welch says of Danilo, “his strong ties to Vermont …his commitment to improving opportunities for farmworkers…is why I am joining many Vermonters in weighing on his behalf."

Lopez's full prosecutorial discretion case is available here:
Support materials including the full letters from Senators Leahy, Sanders, and Welch are available here:

The national campaign kicked off with an on-line petition just last week and has quickly gathered nearly 2000 signatures (check out NEW campaign video below).

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Check out these awesome video testimonies for Danilo Lopez! Stop Danilo's Deportation! No More Deportations! Immigration Reform NOW!

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Dear Friends of Migrant Justice,

Below you will find:

1) UPDATE: Stop Danilo's Deportation Campaign w/ 1000 signatures in 2 days! Sign petition. Call ICE! Spread the word!